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Government sues over South Carolina student loan debt

When the mortgage or rent is due, most people understand the consequences of not paying on time. They risk paying high penalties or even losing their homes altogether. The same may be said of not paying utilities and car payments, the consequences of which include the loss of something essential. When money is tight, people in South Carolina may pay those bills first, opting to push less critical bills, such as student loans, out of their minds for now. However, this may be a serious mistake.

No need to fear bankruptcy in Columbia, South Carolina

Most people have debt. In fact, about 772,000 Americans feel overwhelmed by debt. Whether it is limited to a mortgage and car payment or extends to multiple credit cards, personal and student loans, and medical debt, owing money can be a burden. One rule of thumb for determining if one has too much debt is when the amount a person owes is close to his or her yearly income. When the burden is distressing, many in Columbia, South Carolina, consider bankruptcy as a way to find relief.

Means test essential for Columbia, South Carolina bankruptcy

Deciding to investigate the options bankruptcy has to offer is a big step. A person who reaches this decision is probably weary of struggling with bills, harassing phone calls from creditors and letters threatening ominous consequences for unpaid debt. That person is not alone because many in Columbia and other parts of South Carolina are in similar circumstances. Many choose to investigate Chapter 7 bankruptcy because it promises a clean slate by eliminating much -- and sometimes all -- of a person's unsecured debt. However, there are steps one must take to reach that goal.

3 ways to improve credit after bankruptcy

Facing dire financial hardships can leave you feeling as if you have no options. However, considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help you determine whether such action could allow you to work toward improving your situation. Though you may worry about how bankruptcy could affect your credit score, you may not want to let that worry act as a total deterrent.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a hopeful future

People who are facing financial hardships know what they are up against. They see the bills come month after month and hear the phone ring when creditors call. If money coming in is not enough to cover their bills, no one has to tell them they are in financial trouble. Those in South Carolina who are in this situation may be perfectly aware that bankruptcy is an option. In fact, the hardest part of Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be admitting that it is time to take the step.

Fear of bankruptcy may be unnecessary in South Carolina

When considering bankruptcy, many individuals may question whether it is the best decision to address their problems. While it is true that South Carolina residents could face some financial hits due to following this route, it is likely that individuals looking into bankruptcy are already facing damaging financial circumstances. Seemingly insurmountable debt balances and other financial obligations that go unpaid may simply continue wreaking havoc on the finances of individuals who are unsure about their options.

Bankruptcy filing case may interest South Carolina residents

Dealing with difficulties in life can cause many individuals to face a variety of predicaments. One hardship that many South Carolina residents and individuals across the country often face is financial strain. When this issue comes on top of other problems, individuals may find themselves looking for ways in which to discharge debts, hopefully, for good. 

Bankruptcy may be able to help South Carolina students with debt

Going to college and landing their dream jobs may be the dream of many individuals. However, many South Carolina residents may fear the financial burden that could come along with taking out student loans in order to complete their college degrees. Indeed, numerous parties face significant struggles due to the amount of loan debt accrued while earning their degrees.

Personal interests may influence bankruptcy in South Carolina

The circumstances that lead individuals to realize they need financial help vary from case to case. South Carolina residents who are struggling with debt may face personal catalysts of their own that result in their filing for bankruptcy. In many cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a viable option that assists individuals in working toward a more stable financial situation.

Some South Carolina residents may find Chapter 7 useful

Once the decision to file for bankruptcy has been made, many individuals may feel a weight being lifted. Making such a decision can be the first step toward a fresh financial start and new outlook on life. South Carolina residents may be interested in a recent case currently taking place in another state, involving one man's Chapter 7 filing.

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