South Carolina residents with medical debt may want relief

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Many individuals have mixed feelings when it comes to seeking medical care. Although South Carolina residents may feel that their physicians provide quality care, they may worry about the costs that medical visits could entail. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for individuals to suffer from medical debt and hope to find debt relief options that could work for them.

It was recently reported that a patient survey revealed that 90 percent of individuals surveyed felt that their primary care providers were satisfactory. However, of those same individuals, 67 percent worried about their ability to pay their bills should they suffer an illness or injury. As medical expenses continue to increase, more and more individuals may begin to feel the financial strain associated with medical care. 

Another survey indicated that 63 percent of the individuals surveyed who had experienced an unexpected need for medical attention felt that the care resulted in financial difficulties. Of those parties, 19 percent believed that their hardships were serious. Many individuals also felt that the costs of prescription drugs highly contributed to their financial stress. It was also noted that younger individuals were more likely to face debt when compared to individuals 65 and older.

The fear of medical debt should not be a deterrent for seeking medical care. Unfortunately, some South Carolina residents may second guess their need for care in hopes of preventing potential financial burdens. If individuals have already accumulated considerable debt, they may wish to consider their bankruptcy options and learn more about how medical debt could potentially be discharged.

Source: Forbes, “Rising Medical Costs Force Patients of All Ages to Make Concessions”, Walker Ray, MD and Tim Norbeck, July 18, 2016

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