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December 2016 Archives

You can take action against threats of foreclosure

Unfortunate circumstances can have a negative toll on various areas of life, including your finances. An emergency or unexpected expense can quickly impact your ability to meet your financial obligations, including your mortgage. After months of missed payments, you are hopelessly behind, overwhelmed, and you may be facing threats of foreclosure.

Bankruptcy may be able to help South Carolina students with debt

Going to college and landing their dream jobs may be the dream of many individuals. However, many South Carolina residents may fear the financial burden that could come along with taking out student loans in order to complete their college degrees. Indeed, numerous parties face significant struggles due to the amount of loan debt accrued while earning their degrees.

Bankruptcy info may help South Carolina residents make choices

The differences between the various types of bankruptcy can significantly impact which option may work best for certain individuals. Therefore, South Carolina residents may wish to find out more information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the two most common forms of personal bankruptcy. Such information could help interested parties determine whether they may qualify for either process and if they would like to move forward.

Personal interests may influence bankruptcy in South Carolina

The circumstances that lead individuals to realize they need financial help vary from case to case. South Carolina residents who are struggling with debt may face personal catalysts of their own that result in their filing for bankruptcy. In many cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a viable option that assists individuals in working toward a more stable financial situation.

How Columbia residents can avoid holiday credit card debt

With the holidays in full swing, many people are wondering how to get through the coming weeks without taking on additional debt. For those in Columbia who are concerned about their financial stability and fearful of accumulating more credit card debt, the following tips may offer some assistance. With the right blend of motivation and effort, it is possible to take control of one's finances and regain stability.

Do not let medical debt ruin your life

If you have been sick or were hurt in an accident, you know how difficult a lengthy recovery can be for you and your family. In addition to the pain, the medical treatment and the emotional stress, the medical bills that follow an emergency or prolonged illness can quickly overwhelm your family.

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