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January 2017 Archives

South Carolina medical debt ranks high among collections calls

A person with a chronic or progressive illness often requires frequent doctor visits, appointments with specialists and expensive medication. Similarly, an accident or acute condition may also result in costly procedures or treatments. Even with recent affordable medical insurance laws, out-of-pocket health care expenses can accumulate quickly, especially if a person in South Carolina has a high deductible, minimal coverage or no insurance at all.  

Reaching the limit: Credit card debt in the year ahead

If you are like most people in the country, you spend an average of about $98 a day. You may not even think about it when you pull the credit card from your wallet to make those purchases. Whether it is a new TV or dinner out, Americans are using their credit cards more freely than ever before.

Foreclosure defense attorney may prevent loss of home in Columbia

When people gather around a settlement table to purchase a new house, they are usually excited at the thought of spending the coming years fixing it up, raising a family and making it a home. The thought of needing a Columbia, South Carolina, foreclosure defense attorney may rarely come to mind. Until one is nearing the possibility of losing that home, he or she may not consider the effects of foreclosure.

South Carolina family on home makeover show files for bankruptcy

There are a variety of television shows on the air dealing with home renovations and makeovers. In some cases, families facing hardships may even have their homes completely remodeled as part of a show. Unfortunately, many individuals may struggle with the costs of keeping up these new homes and other financial burdens, as was the case for one family in South Carolina.

Millennials are not the only ones struggling with college debt

You may have heard that Americans owe trillions of dollars in student loan debt. You probably know that young people are postponing buying houses, starting families or going on to graduate school because of their loan payments. Some even return to live in their parents' homes because the debt makes it impossible to live on their own.

Fear of bankruptcy may be unnecessary in South Carolina

When considering bankruptcy, many individuals may question whether it is the best decision to address their problems. While it is true that South Carolina residents could face some financial hits due to following this route, it is likely that individuals looking into bankruptcy are already facing damaging financial circumstances. Seemingly insurmountable debt balances and other financial obligations that go unpaid may simply continue wreaking havoc on the finances of individuals who are unsure about their options.

Bankruptcy filing case may interest South Carolina residents

Dealing with difficulties in life can cause many individuals to face a variety of predicaments. One hardship that many South Carolina residents and individuals across the country often face is financial strain. When this issue comes on top of other problems, individuals may find themselves looking for ways in which to discharge debts, hopefully, for good. 

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