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Settling credit card debt in South Carolina

Credit card debt can put a damper on anyone's finances. For many people, credit cards are sometimes utilized to purchase necessary items before payday. With continued use, however, consumers may overuse their cards while incurring high interest rates that their credit card companies charge. For many, paying off this debt is a top priority; therefore, South Carolina residents are advised to understand their options when settling credit card debt.

The average credit card debt in U.S. households continues to rise at a steady pace. For many consumers, settling the debt may be the only option, especially when minimum monthly payments become overwhelming. When settling a credit card debt, the consumer and the creditor negotiate the bill balance, ultimately allowing the consumer to pay less than what is owed.

Most credit card companies are willing to settle a debt with the consumer before entering the courtroom. However, some instances require legal action, especially when large amounts are at stake. Obtaining a legal professional who is experienced in debt related cases can help one obtain a fair the debt settlement, and an attorney can also advise a consumer on areas such as burden of proof, an official settlement offer and the settlement documentation.

Overwhelming credit card debt can be frightening for anyone. Understanding the state's statute on credit card debt can help consumers begin a credit card settlement. Negotiating the terms, interest rates, payments or the amount owed on credit card can be challenging, but with the help of an experienced legal counsel, South Carolina residents can begin to reclaim their financial independence.

Source:, "Can a Credit Card Collection Lawsuit Be Settled Before Trial?", Craig Berman, Accessed on Feb. 13, 2018

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