Medical debt can be a dilemma for many South Carolina residents

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Illness or injury often strikes fear in the minds of those facing such issues. Thoughts of recovery, medical needs and even possible death race through one’s mind. While these are all relevant concerns when facing such a dilemma, the financial ramifications can also create problems for the South Carolina resident. In fact, medical debt often adds to the fear that these individuals face.

A car accident or sports injury can often lead to an emergency room visit. A simple visit to the emergency room can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. A diagnosis of cancer or other such disease can create the need for ongoing medical treatment and expense. If the individual has insurance, a portion of these costs will likely be covered; however, the individual is typically still responsible for meeting his or her deductible. Research indicated that approximately 20 percent of insured individuals still find it difficult to pay for medical expenses.

For those without insurance, the possibility of financial disaster as a result of medical debt is even greater. In this case, research indicates that over 50 percent of uninsured Americans face difficulty paying medical expenses. A simple trip to the emergency room can magnify one’s already struggling financial picture.

Medical debt is a concern for many South Carolina residents. However, in most cases, such debt is necessary. There are ways to overcome this issue without having to add to one’s credit card debt or depleting one’s life savings. An experienced medical debt attorney can review the situation and offer guidance regarding the best way to approach the situation.

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