Don’t let temporary financial problems cost you your home

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You may be one of many South Carolina residents who recently suffered a major financial setback due to loss of employment, medical emergency or some other unexpected situation. Then again, your spending habits may have simply gotten out of hand, which also often leads to serious financial crisis. In any event, many people have gone through similar experiences in the past.

The key to restoring financial stability depends on the individual factors of your particular situation. Things may get worse before they get better. It can be very scary to face the threat of foreclosure or possible bankruptcy. You’ve always done your best to provide for your family, which is why unexpected financial crises can cause high levels of stress. You can take comfort in knowing that there are support resources available to help you find a solid solution to your current financial problems.

Ideas that may help you keep your home 

The mere thought of having to tell your family you are at risk for losing your home may be very upsetting. The following tips for avoiding foreclosure may be useful: 

  • Most lenders want to avoid foreclosure as much as homeowners do. That’s because the foreclosure process means a lot of extra paperwork for them. One of the first things you can do to try to avoid losing your home is to contact your lender and discuss the problem. Your lender may agree to accepting payments through an alternate schedule until you get your finances back on track. 
  • While it may be tempting to leave mail that arrives from your lender unopened so you don’t have to think about how things have gotten out of hand, it’s never a good idea to ignore a serious financial problem, especially one that involves the risk of foreclosure. Not opening your mail will not make the problem go away.  
  • South Carolina, like all states, has specific foreclosure laws and regulations to which lenders must adhere. The better you understand your mortgage rights, the greater your chances for avoiding foreclosure may be.  
  • Certain debt relief options provide mitigation for foreclosure situations. If you wish to discuss ways to halt the foreclosure process, you can reach out to someone well versed in bankruptcy law.  

Think of it this way: If you are at risk for foreclosure, you have nothing to lose by exploring any and all available options to help you keep your home and move toward a better financial future. What works for one person may not be in another person’s best interest. You can often customize a specific plan to meet your immediate needs and long-term financial goals.  

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