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Can I still rent after going through a bankruptcy?

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Housing is one of the most essential necessities of your life. And if you don't own a house, you rely on others to provide you with shelter in exchange for monthly rent. But what happens to your ability to rent after bankruptcy?

When you need relief from overwhelming debt, bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. However, landlords and property owners may look unfavorably on it if they see it in your credit report. But depending on who you go through, you may still be able to find a rental home.

Landlords may use your credit report to approve or deny you

Property owners and landlords often pull your credit report when you apply for a rental home. If they see a record of bankruptcy, they may choose to deny your application. But depending on the owner, you may have ways to prevent a denial.

Not all landlords deny applications for a bankruptcy record

Before you apply, you should make sure the landlord knows about your financial history. They may be able to tell you if their policy allows people who have a bankruptcy. Some may only focus on your credit score, while others might require an extra security deposit. A few landlords even bypass a credit check altogether.

You can also look for private landlords. Owners who only have one or two rental homes may not run credit checks.

Bankruptcy can help you afford rent

As you go through the bankruptcy process, your main goal is to reset your finances. You wipe away debt that affects your credit and ability to pay people. While bankruptcy goes on your credit report, you can also use it to eliminate problems and improve your score over time.

For some landlords, your work at improving your score may mean more than a record of bankruptcy.

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