Can I afford bankruptcy?

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Individuals facing financial peril are increasingly stressed about what might be considered extraneous spending. Not only are they juggling money from bill to bill, sacrificing payments in one area in favor of another area, and cutting discretionary spending down to almost nothing, these individuals struggle to build any measure of stability into their financial future.

Even though bankruptcy exists as a viable option for a fresh start, many individuals hesitate because they are worried they might not be able to afford the legal process itself. They might not have the ready cash or the credit card funds available to pay an attorney's fees to help them eradicate unsecured debt and start them toward a strong financial future. Fortunately, certain law firms understand this hesitancy and have developed affordable fee structures and other financial benefits, including:

  • Consultation fees are waived: In most situations, clients must pay an attorney significant fees to ensure they are protected from start to finish and the case moves efficiently through the legal process. Some firms, however, offer free consultations to help those in financial need.
  • Uniquely tailored flexible payment plans: Fortunately, some firms understand that not everyone facing overwhelming debt can simply write a check for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These firms will readily use a payment plan specifically designed to cater to your financial situation.
  • Personal attention: While some firms operate as a factory designed to shuttle as many clients through as possible, it is wise to find a firm that can offer personal, local representation. Facing dire financial straits, it is important to work with an attorney who can personally answer questions and guide the case through the bankruptcy process.

Individuals worry that bankruptcy is too expensive to be a viable option. In truth, the longer they wait, the worse their financial situation becomes. The critical first step is finding the right bankruptcy firm who can provide the detailed, honest answers they need while remaining cost-conscious through the entire process.

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