Don’t let attorney fees scare you

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Filing bankruptcy is a time of upheaval and many difficult decisions. While it may seem counterintuitive to add more expense by paying a bankruptcy attorney, getting help from someone who has helped hundreds of others often makes sound financial sense.

Bankruptcy attorneys understand the client’s circumstances and offer a variety of accommodations to help:

  • Free consultations mean that it costs nothing to discuss the situation and whether bankruptcy is the right move. There is nothing to lose.
  • Flexible payment plans that fit the client’s means.
  • While some national companies process large numbers of bankruptcy cases, some find it comforting and useful to work with a smaller local firm that provides hands-on service. They live in the community and understand the nuances of South Carolina’s bankruptcy laws.

It’s often best not to do it alone

Sometimes, the bankruptcy is a relatively straightforward affair, but those filing likely do not realize going in how complicated it can be:

  • The paperwork is complex, and mistakes can lead to additional expenses or penalties that the filer could have otherwise avoided.
  • Attorneys also help assemble the correct financial documentation.
  • They get the paperwork filed in a timely fashion.
  • They can communicate with your bankruptcy trustee.
  • They can also help clients better understand how federal and state laws apply.

You can determine the best option

Each person’s bankruptcy is different, so different filers will have different concerns. The good news is that those who need help can get it from a legal professional whose guidance can help better prepare them for what lies ahead.

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