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Stopping Bill Collectors


It goes without saying that bill collectors want the money they are owed. They will take drastic and extreme actions to secure past due debts. Constant collection calls and threatening tones can make you afraid to answer your phone. You do not have to tolerate that harassment. A bankruptcy filing will stop bill collectors from their continuing calls and intimidating tactics.

At Reed Law Firm, P.A., we know that the stress you feel over financial problems is only made worse when a bill collector reminds you of the money you owe. You do not have to face these issues on your own. You have rights that you can assert and our attorneys can protect.

A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing puts bill collectors on notice to cease collection actions in any form. Call our Columbia-based firm at 803-726-4888 or our Florence law office at 843-679-0077 today.

Even the Odds Against Bill Collectors

While the bankruptcy filing silences your phone from collection calls, bill collectors will still want their money. Once you file bankruptcy, bill collectors cannot contact you any longer, though they can communicate with your attorney, a bankruptcy judge or trustee on the validity of a debt discharge or reorganization.

Helping You Achieve Hope and Financial Stability

At Reed Law Firm, P.A., we give a sense of hope to South Carolina residents facing difficult financial times. Bankruptcy does provide relief and stop harassment. However, steps need to be taken beyond the initial filing to ensure that your financial picture is stable both now and in the future.

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