Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Not qualifying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not close the door to resolution of your money problems. At Reed Law Firm, P.A., we communicate to our clients their various options to secure a debt-free future. One of those options is a Chapter 13 debt reorganization. Imagine one affordable monthly payment instead of multiple financial obligations that you struggle to afford.

Do not let myths and fear of judgment prevent you from asserting your rights to Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Call our Columbia-based firm at 803-807-2565 or our Florence law office at 843-536-0073 today.

Harassing Creditors and Collection Actions Are a Thing of the Past

In many cases, Chapter 13 provides an even broader discharge than Chapter 7 because we can include a larger variety of categories of debt. The repayment plan can include taxes, car payments, mortgage arrearage, child support arrearage and more. Your attorney will help put together and negotiate a plan for you to repay your financial obligations, most times at a fraction of what you owe. In exchange for the three- to five-year debt repayment plan as part of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you receive court-ordered protection and a discharge.

Creditor calls and foreclosure and car repossession actions cease immediately upon filing. At the end of the agreement, the remaining debts are discharged.

Dedicated Advocacy in Affordably Reorganizing Your Debts

At Reed Law Firm, P.A., we are at your side throughout the entire process of rebuilding your life. Months and years of stress with bill collectors contacting you and liens placed against your property come to an end. There is hope. Bankruptcy is all we do for you and residents throughout South Carolina. We are committed to getting all of our clients that much needed fresh start.

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