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Mortgage Payments


A mortgage on its own cannot be wiped away in a bankruptcy. Simply put, if you want to keep your house, you have to continue to make regular payments. A bankruptcy filing can stop foreclosure on your home and help get you caught up. However, it does not give you the chance to get your house for free.

At Reed Law Firm, P.A., our foreclosure defense attorneys help South Carolina residents facing difficulties in their mortgage payments and find solutions to a roof over their head.

Far too much is at stake to ignore problems in paying your mortgage. It could cost you your family home. Call our Columbia-based firm at 803-726-4888 or our Florence law office at 843-679-0077 today.

Your Options for Mortgage Modification

Programs do exist for mortgage workouts. However, a fast and effective way to bring a bank to the negotiation table is through the filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. That also puts an immediate stop to any foreclosure actions. That legal action not only asserts your rights, but also provides many options, including:

  • Catching up on missed payments
  • Having remaining balances of second or third mortgages discharged
  • In some cases, reamortizing first mortgages to make future payments more affordable

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