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Stopping Repossessions


Living in fear of a pending car repossession keeps you looking over your shoulder. Every phone call or knock at your door brings anxiety. If you have fallen behind on your car payments and your bank is threatening repossession, you need to act fast. Ownership of a motor vehicle can impact your ability to hold down a job.

At Reed Law Firm, P.A., we help South Carolina residents assert their rights to bankruptcy protection and stop repossession of a valuable asset.

Bankruptcy stops repossession of your car. Contrary to what you may have heard, the filing does not accelerate the process. For the help you need and the hope you want, call our Columbia-based firm at 803-726-4888 or our Florence law office at 843-679-0077 today.

Giving You Options to Stop Repossession of Your Car

Clients come to us expressing different goals in a bankruptcy filing. For many, keeping a car is vital for both their personal and professional lives.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop repossession of a car or any other secured loan. However, you must continue to make payments toward that valuable asset. While Chapter 7 is a debt discharge, your car loan will not likely be wiped out with your unsecured debts. What it does provide is much needed flexibility. You can reaffirm the debt and keep the car. You may even be able to negotiate a lower payment to reflect the current market value of the car.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop any repossession actions and give you time to rework the past-due debt. You could emerge from the process with a lower payment. Opportunities exist to keep your car and even pay a lower monthly payment. Your loan could be redone over the life of the debt repayment plan based on the current value of your motor vehicle. You receive not only the chance to start over, but also make a more affordable payment.

Simply put, if keeping your car is in your best interests and budget, our attorneys will take the steps necessary to make it happen.

Making Your Car Loan More Affordable

When filing bankruptcy, you have to make difficult, yet important decisions related to the assets you want to keep. Luxury items may go by the wayside, but a means to get to and from work is far too important to give up.

Think of bankruptcy as a process that does not limit your options, but gives you choices, specifically avoiding repossession of your motor vehicle. At the Reed Law Firm, P.A., we help to minimize the impact of bankruptcy for South Carolina residents and dispel the myth that they will lose all their assets.

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Give yourself the gift of time through a bankruptcy filing that can result in a more affordable payment. To stop vehicle repossession, call our Columbia-based firm at 803-726-4888 or our Florence law office at 843-679-0077 or send us an email today.

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