Is the root of your health problems in your credit card debt?

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Most Americans use credit cards, and many credit card holders have debt they carry over from month to month. While many people are able to effectively manage these balances, there are times this type of debt becomes unmanageable, leaving a South Carolina consumer struggling with minimum payments, accumulating interest and receiving calls from creditors.

The stress of credit card debt can be significant. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that this debt can actually lead to health problems and other issues. The amount that Americans owe on credit cards is the highest it has even been, amounting to approximately $1 trillion. Of the people who have credit card debt, the majority say that they regret it, expressing regret over how their spending led to stress.

Your spending and your health

Currently, about half of the people who use credit cards carry a balance from one month to the next. Having a revolving and growing credit card balance is more than just a financial inconvenience. It can have an effect on other areas of your life as well, including your health. Consider what other people said about their debt, their happiness and their physical well-being:

  • Two of five people with credit card debt admitted their debt affected their happiness.
  • One-third of people with credit card debt said it took a toll on their standard of living.
  • Approximately one in five people with credit card debt stated their debt had a negative impact on their health.

For many people, credit card debt is about more than just money. It is a source of stress that does not go away. If this debt ends up in collections and creditors begin calling, it can only add to the stress and health problems that a person is experiencing as a result of too much credit card debt.

A reasonable solution for your debt

Many people feel overwhelmed by their personal debt, and you may assume that there is no way out for you. In reality, filing for bankruptcy could provide you with a reasonable and organized way you can confront your debt once and for fall.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by credit card debt and unsure of your options, you may find it beneficial to learn more about the benefits of bankruptcy. This legal process can help you find a better financial future and rid yourself of the debt that is taking a toll on your health.

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